NaturaSi Organic Shops: Yellow by Ogilvy Rome

hand holding apple with a snake wrapped around

Chef Boyardee: Carrot Kid by DDB

kind holding carrots and smiling

Burger King: Wrap by Interone GmbH

German Burger King wrap advertisement

South Sea Seafood Restaurant: Net by Verso Creative

Asian cook in the sea trying to catch a crab

Dairy Farmers of Canada Cheese Rolling: Blue by TAXI Vancouver

cheese text advertisement

Taco Bell: Arroyo Hondo with video game arcade, 3 by EpiGrey

Taco Bell advertisement - two tacos fighting in arena

Heinz Fit Ketchup: Snake by Mark BBDO

green snake wrapped around tomato - Heinz advertisement

Mizup Soup: Chicken by McCann WorldGroup

instant noodle soup advertisement - noodles forming a rooster

Negroni: Waterfall by DDB Milan

meat world - advertisement

McDonalds: Sandwich, 2 by GBK Heye

sandwiches wrapped in McDonald's wrapping paper

Kraft Easy Mac: Lion by Draft FCB

lion being fed with Kraft instant pasta

T-Shirt Designs by Andreas Krapf

toadstools fighting each other

ice cream licking human ice lollies

The Food Gang by Robert Hellmundt

coffee and cookie cartoons

cool French fries man - cartoon

Fruity Shirt Designs by Robert Hellmundt

lemon cartoon guys

Ampersand Food Groups // Typography Illustrations by Dan Beckemeyer

hot chocolate and doughnuts cartoon

hamburger forming a &

La Vela Restaurante: Seagull by Labase

seagull in woman's dress ready for dining

Panda Express Chinese Food Delivery: Peking-Duck by Kaffeine

seagulls as jets

McDonald’s: Veggieburger by Neue Digitale/Razorfish

cow made from vegetables - McDonald's ad

Slovak Association of Dairy: Teeth by Jandl

glasses of milk forming teeth

Cholula Hot Sauce: Ravine by JWT Singapore

hot sauce bottle as a bridge to rescue sheeps

Legal Sea Foods: Reservations by DeVito/Verdi

fish poster advertisement

Kerrygold: Feather by Butter

feather knife - butter advertisement

Natureta: Gentleman by SAATCHI & SAATCHI

tomato with pasta jazzbow

Reef n’ Beef: Pig by SAATCHI & SAATCHI

pig in crocodile suit

Brinsa: Lemon salt by Ade

lemon salt advertisement

Lay’s Sensations Chips: Mexican by BBDO

potato with chili scarf wrapped around and sombrero hat advertisment

Domino’s Pizza: Plant by Team/Y&R

hungry guy sitting behind the table with leafs inside his plate

Comieco: Enemies by Tita

pizza paper box and piece of pizza as a tongue pulled out of the box

Eno: Japan, Mexico, Persia by Ogilvy & Mather

Japanese traditional painting decorated with sushi - advertisement

Prime Television: Man vs Wild by DraftFCB

worms as French fries

Alka Seltzer: Evil Chicken, Evil Bacon, Evil Sausage by Almap BBDO

roasted chicken tying man's shoelaces together

Mars Petfood Frolic: Pool, Hotel, Limo by CLM BBDO

two dogs and a sofa

Sydney International Food Festival: Flags by WHYBIN/TBWA

the flag of Brazil made of food

Italian flag made of food - pasta, tomatos and fresh herbs

Nutri Balance: Blind, Cards, Hand, Husband by Prolam Y&R Santiago

dog leading blind man into the ditch

guy having a cup of tea at his house, police searching for a dead man - dog in the garden having piece of hand in his snout

Mr Hot Pepper: Bomb by 1861 United

steam coming out of guys t-shirt - hot sauce advertisement

Pedegree Light by TBWA

dog so fat he can't fit into the door hole

Food stylist by Linda Lundgren

yellow vegetables forming a lime

Nutrella Vitta Natural Bread: Magnifying Glass by McCann Erickson

bread under magnifying glass showing wheet

Tabasco: Pizza by Award School

pizza in paper box as radioactive sign - attention it's hot

John West: Perfectly cut, 1 by Grey

fish advertisement - perfectly cut (muscular) guy with two fishes caught standing in river

McDonald’s: Come as you are, King Kong by BETC Euro RSCG

McDonald's employee handing gorilla a bag of food

Kapiti: Designer ice cream, 1 by Colenso BBDO

red high-heel shoe being melt into ice cream

Post Honey Bunches: Spoon, 3 by Regev-kavitzky

spoon in bathrobe ready to jump into a bowl fool of milk and cereals

Caplansky’s Delicatessen: Mean Sandwich by Bensimon Byrne

old school scroll promoting sandwich restaurant

Miracel Whip: Fries by JWT

hand made from French fries trying to grab Miracel Whip mayonnaise

Kellog’s All-Bran Plus: Praying mantis by Leo Burnett

Praying mantis formed from toilet paper

The f word by Angela Marklew

girl praying before eating a cake vs girl with a dirty mouth after she ate it

Flying Mouse 365 Tee Design – Week 11 by Chow Hon Lam

pizza sliced by ice skating hippo

Dauphine – food by Lucas Brendan Ward

food arranged on plate

strawberries and blackberries in a bowl

NK food calendar by Jenny Mörtsell

vegetables illustrated

LOS LOGOS BISCUITOS (Cookies rule) by Fabrice Bats

text on a plate

International Breakfast by Oliver Schwarzwald

International Breakfast

Art Hotel by Lyubomir Sergeev

cook trying to paint black lobsters red

Burger autumn collection by Dariusz Palarczyk

hamburger fall advertisement

McCormick: Pyramids-Cumin by Publicidad Augusto Elías

Egyptian dish - potato mash pyramids, sour kraut, stakes and jalapenos

Yo Sushi Restaurants: Tuna by Volcano

fish sliced in half with sushi inside

McDonald’s McFlurry: Mona by DDB

McFlurry advertisement

McDonald’s: The Real Milkshake by DDB

cow standing on trampoline on countryside

KFC: Mouse by O&M

hamburger on sofa scared of a mouse

Britannia: Tragedy by Mccann Erickson

ice cream on the ground

Zeuss Home Foodz: Gia by Abhishek Sawant

mom dropped a soup and kid is smiling

Duet Ice-Cream: Obama by Voskhod

white house and president Obama cartoon ad promoting ice cream

McCormick: Chicken by Publicidad Augusto Elías

muscular roasted chicken posing and getting a mustard like souce

All-bran: Taco by Leo Burnett

Mexican taco guitar player

Miracel Whip: Miracle seesaw by Draftfcb

two French fries on the plate - one with mayonnaise and lighter as the other part without it